Fast payday loans UK -Fast and easy payday loans online

Fast and easy payday loans online

When requesting fast payday loans online, we find different identification options during the registration and application process. Visit homepage to learn more.

Fast loans without paperwork are a reality and within the registry, we must differentiate two options mainly.

Automatic method (Pre-approved) vs manual method what is the difference?

The automatic method is characterized because through different tools, during the application, we authorize access from our online banking, which is some of our main basic data to make the request.

The manual method, unlike the automatic method, requires attaching additional information to the DNI, such as the bank account number and verification data on it.

What are the pre-approved credits?

The pre-approved credits are basically all the credits or loans that do not have any human interaction, that is, the client authorizes access to their online banking, we check their data … And if we see that it is a real person by all data we grant you the credit without any problem.

What is the function of the pre-approved credits?

The pre-approved quick credits are mainly framed within the automatic method.

This means that if you do not validate your online bank account during the application process, additional documents may be required.

For this reason, it is considered as “pre-approved” because there is a leap in the documents that must be submitted during the application.

There are different models of pre-approved quick credits, one of the most common examples is the previous one.

On the other hand, they can also be considered pre-approved fast loans those requested by former clients, since they do not need to fill out the registration form, they already have their user profile with the necessary data from the previous time they requested the mini -credit, so you simply have to access your account, indicate the amount and deadline for the return of the urgent credit and wait for a response to your request in a matter of a minute.

Another case of the pre-approved loan could be considered the one in which the client carries out the application for one day (without finalizing) and during another day completes the process.

For example, a person who creates his user account for one day (completing most requirements) and requests the fast online loan on another day or different time.

How long does it take to apply for a fast online loan?

The time it takes to make the request depends on several factors, among them, they stand out mainly if you are a new user or old client and if you have a pre-approved loan (using the automatic method) or not.

In spite of everything, the time required to request a quick credit on the website is very limited.

– Request time for new clients: In 15 minutes or even less, you can create your new user account and request the money you need, indicating the amount you want as well as the loan repayment term.

-Time of application for former customers: In 5 minutes you can make the request for your new credit online through your user account. To access it, remember to click on the button “My Account” that appears in the upper area of the web page and enter the data with which you registered.

-If you have a pre-approved credit: In that case, the time of the request can be reduced in 2 or 3 minutes for any of the two previous situations.

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