A small loan, i.e. when we need small financial support

A small loan will help you fill the hole in finance! How to find her In what situations is it worth using? What is the application procedure? Check with us!

The end of summer, return to work and school, a collision with reality can be painful for our portfolio. There are new expenses associated with additional classes and training, but you should not forget about those that are our everyday life. You didn’t include it in your household budget and you don’t have a small sum to pay all your debts? Don’t know what to do We have a good solution.

Small loan online

Small loan online

When we encounter a financial crisis on our way, the simplest solution seems to be to ask our family or friends for help. However, if we do not want to have such obligations to loved ones or admit problems, we can use an equally easy and quick way to raise the missing money, which is a small loan. We can use such support in companies offering both installment loans and payday loans.

What is the difference between these solutions? In the case of installment loans, we have the possibility of incurring larger sums, but also spreading the repayment into installments. In turn, pay back payday loans once after a short period of time, for example 30 days. When we find ourselves in a financial crisis or unexpectedly a hole appears in our budget, it is worth using the form of repayment in installments. In this case, we do not have to worry about whether our problems will disappear after a month and we have enough funds to pay all liabilities. We can adjust the amount of the monthly payment to the lender’s account to your financial capabilities.

The undoubted advantage of non-bank loans is the fact that the lender does not require us to specify the purpose for which we will allocate the received money. If you are applying for a bank loan, you will be required to finance a specific need. On the other hand, in the case of a request for help addressed to family or friends, we will not avoid the questions: why, why, how did it happen? Installment loans can be taken not only without unnecessary formalities, but also translations. Regardless of the amount we request, we can be sure that the reason for such a move will not affect the lender’s decision.

What can we use the money for?

It all depends on our current needs. There will be no problem with getting funds for a language course, car repairs, buying a new washing machine or renovating the room. However, it is advisable to avoid taking on more obligations to pay back the previous ones. In such situations, we are at risk of being caught up in a debt loop. What is this about?

We must be aware of the threat and make responsible decisions. By borrowing more money and trying to repay previous commitments, our problems don’t really disappear. In the place of previous debt, a new one appears, and the funds needed to return the debt are still lacking. Along with subsequent delays in the repayment of the loan, default interest is accrued. In this way, instead of reducing the value of our commitments, we increase them every day. How to deal with such a problem? Read the article: ” 5 Tips on how to get out of the debt loop “.

Another advantage of non-bank installment loans is the option of applying online.

Another advantage of non-bank installment loans is the option of applying online.

Nowadays, the pace of life of an average Pole is still rising. We’re always in a hurry, we’re getting more and more impatient. Thanks to new technologies, when going to work, we can do shopping and save ourselves standing in long queues. We are used to doing several things at once, and mobile devices connected to the internet are an extension of our hand. Being aware of this, the lenders have made it possible for us to save even more time by transferring the application procedure to the internet.

By accessing the lender’s website at any time, we can immediately proceed to submit the application. The first step will be to determine the amount and repayment date. This is possible by placing a virtual calculator page on the start screen. After moving the sliders to the appropriate places below, you will see detailed information on the expected costs of the commitment. These include the preparation fee, administrative fee, commission and interest. We will also find there data on interest rates and APRC. If we agree to take out a loan on such terms, we can proceed to completing the form by clicking the “Submit” button.

At this point, we will be automatically redirected to the subpage containing the online application. What will we need? Usually all you need is your ID card, email address, telephone number, bank account number, our address and personal details. In some cases, we may be asked to provide information about our earnings.

The next step will be to verify our identity by transferring a small amount to the lender’s account – PLN 0.01 or PLN 1.00. You can also use special applications. The final stage will be checking our credit history by the loan company and waiting for the decision on granting us the money requested.

Small installment loan – how to choose?

Small installment loan - how to choose?

There are several ways to familiarize yourself with the available offer. We can independently browse the lenders’ websites, use fast internet comparison websites or rankings organized by specialists. Regardless of the form we choose, the principle is the same. We choose the loan amount adequate to our needs and financial possibilities. If the minimum amount proposed by the company is too large for us, we should look further. Thanks to this, we will easily avoid repayment problems. The lenders have guaranteed us such a large selection of products that everyone has the opportunity to find something for themselves.