12 best luxury hotels in Las Vegas (updated September 2021)


Faq: luxury hotels in Las Vegas

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Where’s Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located at the southern tip of the state of Nevada, near the California and Arizona borders.

When will I find the best deals on luxury Las Vegas hotels?

You’ll often find the cheapest hotel prices in Las Vegas in the middle of the week in summer, when scorching temperatures keep most travelers away, or in winter, after New Years Day, when it’s still too cool for go swimming. Once the weather warms, expect prices to rise.

Much of Las Vegas tourism also revolves around an annual convention schedule, which often drives up hotel prices. The holidays also see an influx of crowds.

Why are hotels in Las Vegas cheap?

Since Vegas resorts make most of their profits from the casino, the cheap room rates are meant to attract customers who will then spend their extra cash on slots and tables.

Since Las Vegas is located in a desert climate, you can expect hot and hot summers and cool winters. No matter when you visit, it will likely be cold at night. The onset of winter and spring, however, provide the nicest, warmest weather when it is most comfortable to stroll the Las Vegas Strip or relax by the pool.

However, if you plan to spend most of your time inside the casino or convention hall, the weather is unlikely to be a big factor when considering what time of year to visit.

Las Vegas open?

Las Vegas is open with no restrictions involving capacity limits and large gatherings.

However, the state of Nevada has required everyone, including fully vaccinated people, to wear a mask in indoor public places, including resorts and casinos, restaurants, bars, halls. exhibition and meeting spaces. Masks are also mandatory on public transport.

Large indoor events also have mask, testing, and vaccination requirements, so check before you arrive with both local Las Vegas warrants, Nevada Health Response updates, as well as your individual hotel and destination.

Is it safe to stay in hotels at this time?

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel safely to the United States. And, more cautiously, experts we spoke to said it was safe to stay in a hotel.

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