5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vacation Rental Over Hotel Accommodation

When planning a vacation, the choices are endless. Always in search of new experiences, the unquenchable thirst of the human eye can rarely be sufficiently satisfied by the beauty of this world and the choices it has to offer.

Wild varieties of amenities, vacation rentals, hotels and motels at our fingertips; make it difficult to decide where to spend the most anticipated and desired time of the year – the holidays. Holidays, synonymous with relaxation and rest, can sometimes become stressful, especially when traveling as a family with children in the picture.

Traveling with a family group of people can make things a lot more difficult and narrow down accommodation choices. So what are the advantages of going for a self-catering vacation rental versus booking a hotel for the next getaway?

Value for money

More often than not, people save all year round for their summer vacation. That’s why it’s crucial not to spend all the savings on accommodation, only. It’s no secret that hotels, especially those with breathtaking views, can be quite expensive. And when you are traveling as a family or in a group, prices can definitely be a big deal and cause a lot of stress. That being said, going for a self-catering vacation rental means getting value for money.

Even the most luxurious vacation rentals in the Algarve can prove to be a more cost-effective option than staying in a hotel. So, opting for a vacation villa or apartment means saving a lot of the budget while having the flexibility to spend it on something that would be more memorable – great restaurants, sightseeing tours, wine tastings galore as well as farm-to-table meals, mini-trips in the region and much more.

Be your own boss

Self-catering vacation rentals give people the ability to cook their own meals. This is great news for picky eaters, gluten intolerant people, vegans and vegetarians, or just people with a refined taste in food. Renting a vacation villa or apartment gives people the luxury of choosing their own meals, cooking and eating at their own pace.

While it can sometimes be easier to have someone else cook your meals, a service that will always be available to you in a hotel is priceless. In hotels, meals are served according to precise and strict schedules. This means that guests have no choice but to eat according to the hotel’s schedule and choose from whatever is on the menu. More often than not, they end up going out to find a restaurant whose food would suit their needs and their preferred time.

Comfort and flexibility

When it comes to comfort, renting a vacation villa means comfort, space and relaxation. Imagine having an entire villa, with an expansive porch that’s always sunny, a beautiful garden for late-night gatherings or a festive BBQ lunch with friends and family.

Traveling with children requires a lot of flexibility. This means that renting a holiday villa or apartment and being able to eat, drink, rest and play in comfort and peace are some of the many highlights of renting a holiday apartment.

Having the place all to themselves will give each member of the traveling party the flexibility to choose and do their activities at their time and place.

Renting a vacation villa also means that guests with children no longer have to tiptoe around the room if the children have just fallen asleep or listen to neighbors partying at 3 a.m. while trying to rest.

In this way, everyone has their own corner, a luxury that a client will not be able to have if he opts for a hotel room.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vacation Rental Over Hotel Accommodation

A chance to learn about the local culture

Renting a holiday villa or apartment allows tourists to get to know the local culture and better understand their way of life.

Staying in a vacation rental means having the chance to bump into next-door neighbours, get to know them better, get a first-hand glimpse of favorite places to visit, enjoy a long leisurely walk towards the local market while shopping, seeing all the traditional monuments, learning more about them and having the chance to experience the local spirit in a more personal way. It’s an experience that hotels simply can’t provide.

Opting for such a vacation is a chance to experience life on a whole new level.

Working year-round gives people the right to be served exactly what they ordered.

Quinta dos Vales, one of the best known and most beautiful vacation rentals in the Algarve, has well earned its reputation. Quinta dos Vales offers many accommodation options that provide relaxation, soothe the senses and increase productivity in a serene and inspiring atmosphere. A perfect haven for anyone looking for comfort, rest, peace and quiet. For those looking for a little more activity, it offers mini golf, tennis and even a paddle tennis court and finally 2 swimming pools, one of which is heated during the coldest periods.

The wine resort offers plenty of options for hosting events, covering venue, food, drink, and good weather. Moreover, if you are planning to get married in Portugal, Quinta dos Vales offers incredible options to organize this very special day. These vacation rentals in Portugal will satisfy the needs of every guest, whether they are a beach lover, a wine or golf lover, or simply an admirer of the countryside.

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