Aubrey Plaza reveals to be a thief in luxury hotels

‘The White Lotus’ star Aubrey Plaza stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to chat with host, Nicole Byer and talked about stealing items from hotels, filming ‘The White Lotus’ in Italy, gifting a stripper bar to her sister and much more. Read on to learn more about this funky conversation between Nicole and the 38-year-old star.

A stripping pole for the family…

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ host Nicole Byer welcomed Aubrey Plaza, 38, to the show by revealing that the gorgeous actress is starring in two new movies, ‘Emily The Criminal’, which is hitting theaters, and ‘ Spin Me Round,” hitting theaters and AMC Plus.

Now what’s more interesting is how Aubrey entered the show. While she was wearing some sort of black dress, she stopped in front of a belly-wanking stripper and threw some cash at him. As she sat, Nicole joked, “Do you dance pool, do you strip, do you frequently slip clowns, tell me about that.” Aubrey jokingly replied, “No I don’t, but I actually caught my sister during quarantine.”

Yes, she actually got a stripper bar for her sister as a quarantine activity because that’s what they do in their family. She continued, “I took her to Vegas to see the magic mic show for her 21st birthday.” She revealed that her sister had been dragged onstage and she had a knack for it.

Aubrey said: “I loved it so I’m encouraging good hobbies for my little sisters.” Nicole replied that she also went to see the show but phew, they didn’t pull her on stage. Nicole also revealed that Aubrey got a pole for her sister and asked, “Does she put it in her living room? Where is he?”

Aubrey replied, “Actually, uh, because it was during lockdown, she put it up in my dad’s basement, so yeah, he was just a proud dad, he really loves her. That’s how my dad is, he was more excited about it than my sister. Nicole joked, “Does your dad use it.” Plaza replied, “I don’t want to know. I don’t know what he does with it. But yeah, she concluded by saying that “he really likes to party,” so you can guess.

Filming Season “The White Lotus” Season 2

Nicole continued the conversation by asking, “You shot Season 2 of ‘The White Lotus.’ Where did you shoot it? Aubrey replied, “We shot it in Italy and we were in Sicily for five months.” She mentioned that before that, she had been shooting a movie “Spin Me Round” for three months and had been in Italy for about six months.

Nicole asked, “What do you do to make yourself at home?” “. Aubrey replied, “It’s weird living in a hotel, I really liked going to town and loving the old little Italian village and buying grandma’s weird lamps.” She revealed that she put them in her room but since they lived in a 5-star hotel, the staff would say, “You know, we can give you a lamp if you ask.” Well, she used these lights instead to make her feel like home.

Nicole jokingly asked, “Has anyone been watching your weird double fisting lamps.” Aubrey revealed that she was literally being followed by the police for carrying these lamps and looked so weird. Plus, she wore sweatpants and shot out of season at Taramina, which added to the craziness.

Nicole said it was too much to be followed by the police for carrying lamps. Aubrey joked about it and mentioned she was carrying a lot more than that, but “let’s not go into that”. Well, you know what she meant, right? Moreover, she was not only reported in the city, but also in her luxury hotel during filming as she mocked her castmate by putting on witch symbols made out of sticks.

Stealing bottles and toilet paper from hotels…

Nicole first revealed that she enjoys stealing toilet paper from hotels. Aubrey interrupted him and said, “Yeah, me too! Me too!” Nicole went on to reveal that she hadn’t paid for toilet paper in about seven years. Aubrey replied, “I steal it from hotels, I steal it from my caravans, yes you see that parks and discs steal all the toilet paper every day.

She continued: “I take it to my apartment in the hotel in Italy, I go down to the gym, I take as many bottles of water as I can and I fill my hoodies so I don’t have to pay for water. because I couldn’t drink from the tap there.

She revealed that it was weird being a thief in a fancy hotel but she just had to do what I had to do. When asked if Italians recognize her as an actress, she revealed that they recognize her for her role in the movie “Dirty Grandpa.”

If you don’t know, Aubrey Plaza is half Puerto Rican. She suffered a stroke at the age of 20 which caused temporary paralysis and expressive aphasia. A few years later, she had a transient ischemic attack while on the set of Parks and recreation. Now she is doing well and killing in Hollywood with her performances.

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