Best European Destinations for Cheap Five Star Hotels from £ 79 a night


Best European destinations for cheap five-star hotels with prices starting from £ 79 per night including Crete, Turkey and Portugal

Best places in Europe for cheap luxury vacations revealed

The destinations where Brits can go on vacation are currently limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a bit of vacation dreaming.

In fact, research has revealed that some of Britons’ favorite vacation spots including Crete, Turkey, and Portugal are, in fact, some of Europe’s top destinations for inexpensive luxury vacations.

The city of Heraklion in Crete has proven to be the best vacation spot for glamorous and budget hotels, with an average price of £ 79 per night for stays in 5 * accommodation.

Meanwhile, Turkey has also proven its worth, taking the next two places in the top 10, with Istanbul and Antalya offering stays at average prices of £ 83 and £ 84 a night respectively. (You can check out the full Top 10 list below).

Heraklion in Crete has been named the best European place for cheap 5 * hotels


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The new ranking was unveiled by, which conducted research to find out which European destinations offer the best deals for 5 * hotel stays.

In fact, the brand has created a five-star hotel index for those looking to make their future vacation more glamorous.

If you like luxury stays, you can also add Abu Dhabi to the bucket list – research has found it to be the city with the most 5 * hotels in the world. (32% of the city’s hotels are rated 5 *).

10 best European destinations for cheap 5 * hotels

  1. Heraklion, Crete – £ 79
  2. Istanbul, Turkey – £ 83
  3. Antalya, Turkey – £ 84
  4. Krakow, Poland – £ 91
  5. Warsaw, Poland – £ 105
  6. St. Petersburg, Russia – £ 107
  7. Moscow, Russia – £ 116
  8. Porto, Portugal – £ 125
  9. Rhodes, Greece – £ 138
  10. Berlin, Germany – £ 152

Of course, currently vacations to these destinations remain out of reach for Brits, all of whom are currently on the UK’s Amber and Red Lists. This means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs generally advises against travel and if you return you will either have to isolate yourself at home (orange destinations) or stay in a mandatory quarantine hotel (red destinations).

In both cases, this also includes the need for a pre-departure test, as well as PCR tests on days two and eight. (For orange destinations, you can opt for a PCR test on the fifth day, where a negative result will release you early from your self-isolation).

Aerial view of the old town of Porto, Portugal


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We have a larger guide explaining the travel rules for orange and green destinations – including what happens if you’ve booked a vacation but a country on the green list but turns orange or red. (We also have a Portugal specific guide for those who have been left out due to the country’s move to the Orange List this week).

Antalya in Turkey has long been a vacation hotspot


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