Can you start a hotel reservation agency from home?


If you’re the type of person who is passionate about travel and all the planning that goes with it, you might as well haggle for this fun.

Consider becoming an independent travel agent by starting your own home hotel reservation agency! Contrary to what you might initially think, starting your own small tourism business is not as expensive as other more lucrative businesses that require a lot of logistics.

This established, a to study packed with solid numbers also reveal how more and more entrepreneurs are entering the tourism space. According to the ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), “75% of study participants have a cruise niche and earn an average of 14% commission.” The same study also reveals that the most successful independent business leaders are not exactly the most experienced. It just shows that anyone determined to succeed, with the right resources and the right research, can be successful.

Here are the main considerations for starting a home hotel reservation agency:

Know your niche

This cannot be overstated. Knowing who your target market is, what their interests are, where they are most likely to travel, and what benefits they enjoy is valuable information that can turn into a significant return on investment. Many people new to independent travel marketing often fall into the one-size-fits-all trap. Selling anything can be tempting, especially when you have access to many resources and businesses, but it also exposes you to immediate competition from almost everyone in your industry; when you just start. It might not be the best move.

Determine the specific demographics you want to meet and find out what types of hotels and areas you are most likely to include within your scope. Know that a niche market is a market that few business leaders have not yet explored. There is a lot of potential in this direction.

Propose a feasible business strategy

This one is pretty basic, but it still has to be said. An effective business plan keeps anyone from getting lost with finances and management. If it takes several creative ideas to stand out, it’s ultimately the vision that opens a much clearer path. However, it is crucial to write down and plan every detail for a T.

Business plans should include sales strategies, market analysis results, and budget goals. Whenever possible, try to stick to your budget and operate only within your means.

Face the legal burden

Positively, travel agents don’t have much difficulty processing a license. No special qualification or training or even testing is required. Typically, only fill-out forms need to be submitted with respect to federal laws. Florida, California, Hawaii and Washington, however, have their own laws when it comes to setting up travel agencies. Whatever your case, running a clandestine, i.e. unregistered travel agency can only harm you and your customers. Avoid the pitfalls of legality by solving this aspect when you can.

Contacting a hospitality agency is also a simpler alternative that you can consider, as they can help you directly with the license and the registration process.

Plan your marketing methods

In order for your business to attract customers, they will need to hear about it first. Mastering social media and the digital space is now very imperative to move forward. Whether it’s talking with memes or creating eye-catching, non-sticky graphic designs, it’s important to be able to effectively communicate your brand’s message across multiple platforms.

Find out which form of advertising fits your market the most. Because it can be an overwhelming business, independent travel agents can turn to digital marketing companies such as Edge online and other similar companies that can be worked remotely to help with advertising efforts.

This not only frees your load, but you can also focus on what you need to do the most. Plus, you don’t have to be constantly on your feet to think about how best to sell your business because you have experts doing it for you. If you find it best to work on the marketing methods yourself, just make sure you can stick to a schedule that works for you.

As mentioned earlier, stick to your budget as well. Know how much money you can allocate and only work within your allowable numbers. If you think it’s more beneficial, don’t hesitate to work with a business partner. This often simplifies almost everything for entrepreneurs because they have someone else to share the financial weight with.

In the end, what matters is that you make the dream you have for yourself come true, while selling your customers the promise of relaxation, comfort and maybe even luxury. Are you ready to start a home hotel reservation agency?

photo by Justin do canto to Unsplash

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