Coronavirus: Homeless will be provided with hotel accommodation during epidemic


Amid Britain’s Covid-19 coronavirus crisis, Andy Burnham, who is Mayor of Greater Manchester, united with Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, in a program for the homeless

The hope is to get thousands of homeless people out of the city streets (file image)

Homeless people will be accommodated at the hotel during the coronavirus epidemic.

Manchester and Liverpool leaders today said thousands of rooms have been secured for street sleepers, who have been identified as a group at high risk of infection.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “A £ 5million package was released today for 1,000 rooms in Greater Manchester housing people in need.

“We currently have 625 rooms assigned and we have 375 that will be purchased within the next 48 hours.

“I hope this can be a permanent route away from the streets for many people who will benefit from it.”

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Homeless people will be accommodated at the hotel


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He said 180 street sleepers and 720 people in shared accommodation have been identified and they will also receive welfare packages containing food and hygiene products.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said the council was working with hotels to house the homeless.

Speaking on BBC Radio Merseyside, Mr Anderson said: “I hope that by tonight, but certainly tomorrow, we will have contracted with a number of hotels to accommodate the homeless and the homeless. – sheltered in housing where they will receive this ongoing support. “

Government action against coronavirus explained

He thanked the hotels for helping with the program, but said there had been an incident with the Britannia Hotel where people were evicted with nowhere to go, despite an agreement with Manchester City Council.

Beds in central London hotels have been offered to street sleepers at weekends to protect them from the coronavirus as part of a testing program.

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office worked with Intercontinental Hotels Group to block room reservations, at a discounted rate, for 12 weeks.

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