Daytime hotel booking app hits quarterly sales record as remote working booms

Web app HotelsByDay boasts two consecutive record sales quarters by connecting remote workers to vacant rooms in luxury hotels during office hours

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/March 15, 2022/ Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, remote workplaces have been on the rise and the trend suggests they are here to stay. According to Gallop News, about 45% of full-time employees in the United States work partially or entirely remotely, and nine in ten remote workers plan to maintain remote work to some degree. While this change in the average work environment has provided a level of flexibility, it has also blurred the lines between work and home. Working and living in the same space can make some workers feel more stressed because they can no longer escape the pressures of the office.

While remote work is trending up, travel is trending down, and the decline in travel doesn’t just factor in leisure travel and vacations. According to United States Travel Association, during the first lockdown, travel spending totaled $679 billion in 2020, an extraordinary annual decline of 42% from 2019. Even in recent years, hotels have seen a significant decline in guest bookings individuals as well as for business retreats and conferences. . A survey conducted by LinkedIn says that 72% of individuals plan to only attend virtual events and conferences in 2022, even after in-person events become more accessible.

Both of these trends are leaving remote workers in desperate need of a change of scenery, and hotels around the world are left with a slew of empty rooms. And with that, HotelsByDay stepped in to provide a creative solution to both problems. HotelsByDay is a web-based application designed to connect individuals to stylish hotels across the country that offer daytime experiences where they can be productive with all the benefits and conveniences of a hotel stay without the cost of an overnight stay. . Meanwhile, hotels can rest easy knowing their rooms will be filled and their sales expectations will be met. It’s a win-win.

“Working from home and new travel habits have created unprecedented demand for hotel rooms and day services,” says Yannis Moati, CEO of HotelsByDay. “We are positioned to become a major player. We are increasing inventory by 400% with a global strategic partner, and moving towards an expanded set of work and leisure services to fuel a more flexible traveler and a continuously transformed workforce. »

With the rise of remote working and high demand for day hotels, HotelsByDay is growing exponentially. The app tripled its booking rate and ended 2021 with booking growth of 236% year-over-year. Plus, it generated an additional $17 million in bookings that hotels otherwise wouldn’t have made.

The New York-based startup recently partnered with a major global hotel brand that will position the app to expand globally in the coming months. Hotels around the world will be able to monetize their vacant rooms and remote workers will benefit from a day in a luxury hotel office in a location of their choice. HotelsByDay accepts investment offers through a crowdfunding campaign to support their substantial growth and success, while creating a collaborative financial environment. Learn more about the campaign at

“The Wefunder campaign is an exciting opportunity for people to join HotelsByDay on the next leg of our journey,” says Moati.


The HotelsByDay web app enhances hotel experiences with daytime inventory of rooms and amenity passes sold in time slots of three to 12+ hours. Day rooms, meeting rooms, coworking offices, pool passes, cabanas, gym passes and parking passes are some of the options available for purchase through the web application. HotelsByDay offers thousands of hotel options in the places people need them most, like business districts, malls, airports and nearby beaches. For more information on HotelsByDay and to download the app, visit:


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