Dubrovnik ranked #1 in Europe for affordable five-star hotels

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Dubrovnik (Photo: Spencer Davis)

March 2, 2020 – The Croatian city of Dubrovnik has come out on top in a new study by The Hotel Guru on affordable luxury tourist travel.

The Hotel Guru discovered the best destinations in the world for an affordable luxury hotel experience, with European countries generally coming out on top.

From a city perspective, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik has been rated the best in Europe for affordable luxury – as well as the most rated ones too. It costs an average of £105 per night to stay in a five-star hotel in the historic city.

Other European cities that ticked affordability include Berlin and Porto, with travelers able to stay in a five-star hotel for as little as £120 and £130 per night respectively in 2020.

To find out how affordable luxury accommodation is in 2020, The Hotel Guru calculated the lowest average price for a one-night stay in a five-star hotel in the 99 countries analyzed.

She also took into account how hotels were rated by customers, given that the definition of a five-star hotel varies from destination to destination.

Five star hotels in European cities

The 20 best cities in Europe for affordable five-star hotels, listed below in order of price:

  1. Dubrovnik (£105.30)
  2. Berlin (£119.24)
  3. Porto (129.14)
  4. Stockholm (£146.88)
  5. Prague (£157.35)
  6. Athens (£164.38)
  7. Edinburgh (£168.33)
  8. Budapest (£172.82)
  9. Lisbon (£174.00)
  10. Madrid (£201.55)
  11. Vienna (£214.81)
  12. Copenhagen (£223.11)
  13. Dublin (£225.09)
  14. Barcelona (£239.76)
  15. Amsterdam (£288.30)
  16. London (£303.33)
  17. Milan (£328.32)
  18. Rome (£333.73)
  19. Geneva (3347.00)
  20. Paris (£384.40

According to the new study by the independent hotel critic and expert, at the national level, Croatia was ranked 15th on the list dominated by European nations. Seven of the top 10 destinations for affordable five-star hotels were from the mainland, including Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The three exceptions were Colombia, Paraguay and Cambodia.

Hugh Graham-Watson, Managing Director of The Hotel Guru, said: “We wanted to demonstrate that you can experience luxury without breaking the bank, but at the same time identify destinations that our users would truly enjoy.

“By reviewing guest ratings as well as five-star hotel prices, we were able to reveal the best countries to add to your 2020 bucket list for an affordable luxury getaway.”


Full table of the 99 countries analyzed, ranked by average price of a night in a 5-star hotel and average rating (based on customer reviews):

About the study

The above is based on the analysis of data collected from Booking.com. All five-star hotels listed on the travel website were considered for all metrics. We have only featured countries that have more than 10 five-star hotels on the website. For each five-star hotel, we analyzed the price, ratings and customer reviews to give an average for each city and country.

The full study can be viewed here.

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