Emergency hotel accommodation for the homeless in Glasgow will continue until the pandemic is over


Emergency hotel accommodation will still be used for people in Glasgow at risk of becoming homeless as the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus, it has been confirmed.

During the Hillhead region partnership, it was revealed that Glasgow City Council will continue to provide access to temporary shelters until the country is no longer under a public health emergency.

Glasgow City Council’s Health and Social Services Partnership (HSCP) has been working on its rapid relocation transition plan to end the use of guesthouses and hotels to accommodate homeless households since 2017 .

The pandemic has delayed plans to help people in this situation find permanent housing, with local authorities being required to rapidly expand the supply of emergency housing since March of last year.

During Tuesday’s committee meeting, concerns were raised about the number of people living at the Chez Nous hotel by Councilor Martha Wardrop.

She said, “I would like it to be noted that a petition was submitted to the Health and Social Care Partnership Community Engagement Committee regarding Chez Nous last December.

“A lot of work is being done to fix the problem. I also have concerns about the use of hotel accommodation [by people facing homelessness] and if it continues until next March.

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The petition, which was presented to the Integrated Joint Board (IJB) last December, called for “appropriate and adequately supported” housing for homeless people seeking help instead of resorting to guesthouses temporary.

Hillhead residents believe safe accommodation would not only mean better living conditions and opportunities for the homeless, but also create a safer environment in Hillhead for a community severely affected by antisocial behavior, petty crime and serious acts of violence directly associated with these guesthouses.

Council Officer Gary Quinn said: “The debate [regarding this petition] at IGB was useful for everyone. We will continue to provide access to emergency accommodation until the end of the public health emergency.

“We are committed to providing transitional housing to those living in emergency accommodation after covid. It is not known when this will be designated.

Mr Quinn also confirmed that the minutes of the IGB’s discussion of the petition will be presented to a future Hillhead partnership.

Glasgow HSCP is currently developing a strategy that will end the use of B & Bs and hotels as hostels for good. An updated plan will be released next month.

Copy provided by Catherine Hunter, Local Democracy Information Service

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