FAM says accommodation in a Romanian bus hotel is cheaper

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has denied that it is spending more money to pay for Romanian Marian Mario Marinica’s accommodation at the Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, as reported by the media.

Instead, FAM said that thanks to a special deal with the hostel, they were actually saving money, contrary to a news article reporting that they have spent K17 million since arriving in October from the hostel. ‘last year.

Malawi Flames coach Mario Marinica

He said: “The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) wishes to refute media reports that the Association is extravagant in spending a lot of money on the national team coach, hosting Mr. Mario Marinica at the Amaryllis Hotel, as Malawi News reported on April 9, 2022.

“The article claims that FAM spent over MK 17 million for the coach to stay at the hotel. The reported figure is an exaggeration which portrayed FAM as extravagant and wasteful.

The truth is that since arriving in the country in November 2021, Mr. Marinica has been staying at the Amaryllis Hotel.

“Initially it was a one-month temporary arrangement as he was finalizing his employment and work permit paperwork. Marinica had to accompany the Flames to Saudi Arabia for pre-Afcon camping in December and in Cameroon for Afcon in January The Flames left Malawi on December 23, 2021 and returned on January 28, 2022. Upon her return from Afcon, Marinica was supposed to be hosted in Blantyre, as per her employment contract.

The statement said that FAM was in the process of identifying the house, Amaryllis Hotel offered a special “long stay package” which effectively met the coach’s accommodation needs and also proved profitable for FAM.

Amaryllis also offered FAM a special rate of K900,000 per month, including all services except meals (lunch and dinner).

“The public may wish to appreciate that the fully furnished house rentals on offer range between K900,000 and K1.2 million per month. In addition to the monthly rent, FAM had to bear the following expenses: “24 hour security services with alarms costing between K600,000 and K1 million, DStv services – K90,000, Internet Wifi – K60,000, generator and fuel in running costs – 100,000 MK, utilities and domestic workers – 300,000 K”.

“It would cost the association no less than MK 2.4 million per month. The Amaryllis Hotel’s special MK900,000 package covers all these expenses, resulting in significant savings for FAM of MK1.5 million per month, amounting to MK7.5 million for the five months that the coach stayed in the country. We therefore want to assure all of our stakeholders and the public that FAM will continue to exercise care, due diligence and prudence in managing its resources at all times.

In an interview, FAM’s Commercial and Marketing Director said that they are paying former Flames coach Meck Mwase around the clock at K650,000 without an alarm. Mwase, who qualified for the Flames for the third Afcon final, was dismissed after the AMF executive committee meeting on Saturday.

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