Five-star hotels, barges among paid quarantine facilities for those arriving in Srinagar


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Five-star hotels, barges among paid quarantine facilities for those arriving in Srinagar

The Srinagar administration has set up five-star The Lalit and Taj Vivanta hotels overlooking scenic Dal Lake and other luxury lodges as paid quarantine facilities to ensure a relaxed and hassle-free stay for those arriving in town. from other parts of the country and abroad as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The administration has recruited around 40 luxury lodges for this purpose and capped rates at a “fair and reasonable” level so as not to burden those returning home in such a difficult scenario, a senior official said.

Several barges have also been designated as paid quarantine facilities, said Srinagar deputy commissioner Shahid Choudhary.

The administration’s initiative to recruit luxury hotels received a warm welcome, with nearly 48% of people arriving in the city from outside opting for them, he said.

The remaining 52 percent of the leaflets opted for an institutional quarantine established by the government.

The number of arrivals at Srinagar airport has increased since the partial resumption of domestic flights on May 25 after two months of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.

In addition to the national leaflets, a large number of residents of Jammu and Kashmir are brought back from abroad by special flights as part of the government’s “Vande Bharat Mission”.

Giving details on paid accommodation, Choudhary said the hotels were available in three categories with prices ranging from Rs 1,200 to Rs 600 per day for single occupancy and Rs 900 to Rs 400 per day for double occupancy.

The administration also capped the cost of three meals at Rs 500 in paid quarantine centers, he said.

Quarantine at hotels like the Taj Vivanta and Lalit Grand Palace, a hotel known for its scenic surroundings and where several Hindi films have been shot, is available on request with around 50% off rates.

After initial hesitation, the number of air travelers has increased and only 25 of them have tested positive for COVID-19 so far.

Choudhary said flight operations at Srinagar International Airport, which began on May 25, were functioning with flawless management of arrivals, testing and quarantine of travelers.

International flights from Riyadh, Dammam, Doha, Muscat and Jeddah have already started arriving in addition to the flight from Dubai received last week and previous flights from Bangladesh. A flight carrying 148 passengers from Riyadh has landed in Srinagar on May 29, while a flight each from Dammam and Doha with 147 and 88 passengers respectively should arrive on Sunday. Another flight from Muscat is scheduled for June 2 and one from Jeddah on June 4, “he said. .

In addition to the chargeable quarantine, institutional quarantine facilities with 3,000 beds have been kept ready.

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir previously notified its air intake policy imposing up to 14 days of quarantine unless the test is negative for COVID-19.

Arriving passengers receive their test reports within 24 hours of arrival and are released from quarantine centers if they test negative, the deputy commissioner said.

Choudhary said a total of 2,462 passengers were received in Srinagar, including 382 on Saturday.

So far, Choudhary said, 25 air travelers have tested positive for COVID-19 in Srinagar in quarantine centers and have been transferred to hospitals.

“Their contacts in the flights have also been quarantined,” he said.

Before May 25, he said Srinagar had received 4 flights from Bangladesh with medical students on board and one from Dubai. For international flights, a week of quarantine is mandatory even with a negative test.

More than 80 data entry operators and medical staff from Srinagar have been deployed to the airport for simple, fast and hassle-free registration, screening and sampling on arrival, he said.

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