Five-star hotels say guests take luxury mattresses in rooms

Luxury hotels report that everything from light bulbs to mattresses are gone (Photo: Getty)

You might think you can take the shampoo or tea bags out of your hotel room, but when does it go too far?

Some people might say that taking slippers is too much, but we can probably all agree that lifting the mattress off the hotel bed is absolutely over the top.

Yet apparently it does happen. A study by Wellness Heaven, a spa and hotel review website, found that 4.2% of 1,157 hoteliers surveyed lost mattresses.

Of course, you’re not going to put one in your suitcase or go out with it through the front desk.

Apparently thieves managed to take them by using freight elevators that lead outside, moving them around in the middle of the night to avoid detection.

The investigation found that the most popular items to steal include towels, bathrobes, hangers, pens, cutlery, cosmetics and even batteries.

Over 7% of those surveyed said customers removed bulbs from light fixtures and 9.1% said visitors pocketed the remote.

Some of the more unusual things that hotels say are gone include the guest’s door room number and a grand piano.

The Italian hotelier, who owned the instrument, explained: “Once I walked through the lobby I noticed something was missing, and shortly after I learned that three strangers in overalls had taken the grand piano, and it never reappeared, of course. ‘

Another hotel in Salzburg, Austria, said the wooden benches were stolen from their sauna. It wasn’t until another guest complained about the lack of a place to sit and said “I can’t relax standing” that hotel staff noticed the theft. contacted some of the top hotels to ask if they had lost any mattresses. Most said they were unable to comment.

Others said it hadn’t been a problem for them, but said customers were taking smaller items.

A spokesperson for the Rosewood Hotel in London said nothing unusual had ever been stolen from them.

The Guoman Hotels, which own the Tower Hotel, Royal Horseguards Hotel, Grosvenor Hotel and Great Cumberland Place in London, added that they had never stolen mattresses, but that things like hangers, bathrobes and towels often disappear.

Tim Philips, Managing Director of Club Hotel & Spa in Jersey, said: “The most amazing thing we have ever stolen from the hotel is a television, and on a smaller scale, we always have batteries stolen from us. remote controls. “

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