Google removes registration fees for hotel reservation links


Google recently announced changes to the way the website handles hotel booking links, including the elimination of registration fees for hotels, online travel agencies, and other booking sites.

The search engine has added an organic listing that gives travel agencies free visibility, offers more extensive booking options, and potentially makes Google a more competitive player in the metasearch space.


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Travelers can google for accommodation in a specific destination, then click on a specific hotel, where there will now be two organic results in addition to a maximum of four ad spaces. Previously, the website only showed paid hotel booking links ranked by an advertiser auction template.

When travelers click on the ‘rates’ tab, it will display up to four ads, along with an unlimited number of organic and free booking links from eligible partners. Google indicates that any hotel or travel agency is eligible to participate through their Hotel Center account.

To ensure the accuracy of pricing information on organic results, Google uses a similar combination of technology and operational solutions that it has used for several years to ensure that the rates displayed in paid ads are valid.

“It is a bit more complex given that when you have someone paying for a product, an advertising product, there is an incentive to make sure that this data is correct,” said the vice president of Google. , Richard Holden. PhocusWire.

“So you can hear some nervousness in the industry about ‘Is it harder to control this in an organic space? ”, Continued Holden. “I think it’s valid. It’s harder to control and that’s what we’ve spent the last couple of quarters working on this product to make sure we have the tools and processes in place to monitor this.

Along with pricing accuracy, Google recognized that organic links would be ranked based on an algorithm that takes into account price, click-through rates, and landing page experience. The website said that “business relationships, advertising and payment to Google are not taken into account at all.”

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