Hotel accommodation for asylum seekers during pandemic “most inhumane” ever


Hotel accommodation for asylum seekers during pandemic “most inhumane” ever

Positive action in housing (PAIH) described the use of hotels as asylum accommodation under the Home Office / Mears contract as the “most inhumane” she has ever witnessed.

On February 19, the association submitted evidence to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration regarding the use of hotels as asylum accommodation during the pandemic.

She condemned the accommodation provision after reporting several instances where due diligence and risk and vulnerability assessment were non-existent.

PAIH’s submission refers to the “reckless manner” in which humans were transported “like Amazon packages by the Home Office / Mears Group”.

PAIH’s submission also addresses the events that led to the COVID-19 outbreak at Napier Barracks and the “questionable rhetoric” of government ministers on the matter.

The report recommends that asylum seekers be allowed to work and hold savings accounts so that they can lead independent lives regardless of the outcome of their asylum claim, and have the means to find a job. accommodation regardless of asylum contracts.

The association denounced the poor conditions faced by asylum seekers during the pandemic. In May last year, concerns were expressed over the treatment of asylum seekers in Glasgow after 30-year-old Syrian asylum seeker Adnan Olbeh was found dead in his hotel room. A month later, an incident occurred at the Park Inn hotel in which six people were stabbed and the perpetrator, Badreddin Abadlla Adam, shot dead by the police.

In August, PAIH demanded a full independent investigation into the accommodation provided to asylum seekers in Glasgow during the lockdown after a mother was found dead next to her baby in an apartment in Govan.

Two months later, PAIH said it was “disturbed by the UK government’s” out of sight and out of sight “plan to process asylum seekers on remote islands more than 4,000 miles from the sea. Britain.

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