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Hotel booking site denies refunds to angry customers after all bookings are canceled

HotelQuickly has informed its customers that their reservations have been canceled.

Angry travelers accuse a booking site of scamming them because it suddenly canceled all of their reservations and refused to refund their money.

Thousands of vacationers saw their trips wasted and were left behind after an online booking agency suddenly canceled all of their reservations without refunding the money.

HotelQuickly, which is based in Asia, is listed as a booking option on TripAdvisor and Trivago, and prides itself on having links with more than 265,000 hotels worldwide.

But he’s suddenly reneged on thousands of bookings, and although customers have already paid in full, he’s refusing refunds except in the form of credit vouchers.

Thousands of customers were notified of the sudden cancellation of their trips via email, with HotelQuickly subsequently posting a statement on its Facebook page.

“Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen issue with our main hotel supplier, many reservations have been canceled,” the post read.

“We fully understand how disappointing this situation is and we are working very hard to find a manageable solution.

“However, for the time being and until a solution is put in place, we can only offer you a refund in the form of a credit for the value of your original reservation that you can use for a refund. future reservation. “ has contacted HotelQuickly for comment.

Many stung travelers around the world have accused the company of ripping them off.

“It looks like HotelQuickly is cheating, cheating or going bankrupt,” guest Les Davis told The Independent.

“I don’t know how many people lost money on this outfit, but I reached out to them through TripAdvisor and booked two nights in Bryce Canyon, US for a trip next May.

“The hotel confirmed the reservation which I stupidly paid in full by debit card at the time of booking.”

West Australian Debbie Hamilton had booked two luxury hotels through HotelQuickly for a vacation in Thailand with her husband over the summer.

She received the email from HotelQuickly indicating that the two reservations had been canceled on December 9.

“I called the two hotels, and they both said the reservation was made but canceled on December 6,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“I immediately frantically re-booked, but had to pay an extra $ 400 for the reservation because it was rush hour.”

Ms Hamilton said HotelQuickly sent her vouchers online as a refund for the $ 1,200 she paid for reservations, but the vouchers had a broken link, rendering them useless.

“I felt like someone had come in and robbed me,” she said. I felt very vulnerable and panicked that the bank wouldn’t come to the party. “

Another customer, Christopher Cotton, had the same problem with the credit voucher sent to him.

“When you try to use the voucher they offer, there are no hotels or it indicates that the voucher has already been used. It is a voucher with no value,” he told the Independent.

Angry customers have also lashed out at TripAdvisor and Trivago, which directed many of them to HotelQuickly.

“@TripAdvisor why are you still advertising HotelQuickly on your site when they’ve clearly ripped off a lot of people,” Tweedie tweeted.

“My wife was planning to fly to Fuerteventura at 6 am and we got a cancellation email today, the money is gone.”

Another Twitter user, Simon Ledger, told Trivago: “HotelQuickly is scamming your customers, canceling all bookings by the date and offering future vouchers in exchange instead of refunds, can you help contact them to resolve the issue? , please ?

In a statement to, TripAdvisor said there are a number of things guests should do if they are affected by HotelQuickly.

“We are very concerned to hear about the difficulties that some HotelQuickly customers are having with their reservations,” said a spokesperson.

“We recommend that anyone affected by this problem caused by HotelQuickly do the following.

“Look for your confirmation email and HotelQuickly booking reference number.

“If a payment has already been processed during your reservation, please contact your credit card provider to dispute the charge from HotelQuickly by notifying the credit card company that you believe the reservation was not or will be not performed.

“If a payment has not yet been debited from your account, please contact your bank or credit card provider to ensure that all future payments are blocked.

“Check your travel insurance documents to see if you may be eligible for compensation.

Find alternative accommodation as soon as possible. “ has contacted Trivago for comment.

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