Hotel reservation: Looking for accommodation? See these Hollywood stays


Hotel reservation: Grand Hotel Budapest

When the name of the accommodation appears in the title of the film, you know it has to have an impact. This stunning guesthouse where concierge Gustave H. and his assistant Zero Moustafa become entangled in a murder mystery is sadly not real, but Wes Anderson’s 2014 comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel has received critical acclaim. for its cinematography and scenography. The film was shot in an actual location, the town of Görlitz, Germany, but a department store was used for the interior of the hotel. The Grand Budapest Hotel is also believed to have been inspired by a combination of two actual hostels where guests can stay: Hotel Bristol in the Czech Republic and Hotel Gellert in Budapest, Hungary.

Monsieur Gustave H., played by Ralph Fiennes, was the legendary concierge at the reception of the Grand Budapest Hotel. Photo credit: BFA / Alamy Stock Photo

Hotel reservation: Hotel Seminole Ritz

In Marylin Monroe’s 1958 film Some Like It Hot, she plays a dizzy blonde who is part of an all-female group performing at the Seminole Ritz in Miami. Although this hotel is fictional, the filming was made in the historic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. While there, Monroe apparently requested the same dessert every day: an iced vanilla soufflé with a meringue on top.

Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego was used for the filming of Some Like It Hot. Photo credit: ivanastar / Getty Images

Hotel reservation: Beverly Wilshire

This luxury hotel, now a Four Seasons property, starred in the 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman. The love story starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts took place there, and some exterior shoots were done on location in the Beaux-Arts-style building. The interior shots were shot on a soundstage, but the sets were based on the hotel’s design at the time. In the years that followed, the hotel embraced its cinematic history and even offers a “Pretty Woman for the Day” package where guests can shop on Rodeo Drive with a stylist, enjoy a special menu, and Moreover.

This hotel existed long before Pretty Woman, but was an integral part of the popular movie. Photo credit: Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

Hotel reservation: Bates Motel

Fortunately, this hotel from Alfred Hitchcock’s famous horror film Psycho is entirely fictional. But fans who want to visit the site of one of history’s most iconic murder scenes (while Marion Crane is in the shower, a dark figure walks into the room with a knife), can do so in any way. security at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where the hotel decor and the spooky Bates family house still resides.

Fans can still visit the fictional Universal Studios hotel in Hollywood. Photo credit: dpa picture alliance archive / Alamy Stock Photo

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