How Luxury Hotel Accommodation Can Really Give You Value for Money

Staying in a 5 star hotel in New Delhi is much more than a luxurious room. There are valuable amenities available that make any stay in the city more enjoyable and productive.

Traveling to New Delhi can be a hectic adventure for visitors. There is plenty to do, but the streets are crowded. Going from one museum or store to another can be a mentally and physically exhausting experience. Using a luxury hotel as your home base while visiting New Delhi can revitalize any traveler after a long day of haggling with taxi drivers and shopkeepers.

Many opportunities

By choosing a hotel located near cultural attractions or businesses of interest, visitors can reduce unnecessary local travel time and costs. If a specific gallery or store is within a mile of the hotel, walking will likely be faster than driving. During the day, a two kilometer walk might even be a better choice given the traffic.

Choosing a hotel near a metro station can also open up plenty of opportunities to reach prime destinations quickly and affordably. Of course, it’s best to avoid traveling to major cities, including New Delhi, during morning or evening rush hours.

With a little planning, visitors can arrange a tour of New Delhi’s top destinations along the Delhi Metro routes.


In a luxury hotel, of course, the swimming pool will be great, but the Jacuzzi is a good way to clear the brain of memories of shouting and honking. An alternative, depending on whether you like to be pampered, is the hotel spa. The wraps, stones, and massages should be enough to make the plane ride and the hassle of airport security a thing of the past.

For those feeling active but not brave enough to cycle around town, most luxury hotels have a gym, racquetball court, and even various exercise classes. Travelers can boast of meditating in New Delhi, even if it was just at the hotel. It’s better than going to the mall to see a movie just to relax.

Of course, there are many good restaurants to visit in New Delhi, but a luxury hotel will have several in the building. Some restaurants and bars in the hotel are more famous than the hotel. So tell your friends you rode in a rickshaw and touched elephants, but keep the fancy dining experiences to yourself to keep the robustness of your story intact.

Shopping at a luxury hotel can be an exclusive experience. The Imperial, which is one of Delhi’s top luxury hotels, has the only Chanel boutique in the area. India has plenty of mega malls to get lost in, but you might need some new shoes before heading to the Starbucks inside.


One way to see the best of New Delhi on your first visit is to take a walking or rickshaw tour. The advantages of these modes of transport over a bus will be quite apparent after a visitor observes the traffic in the city. Also, climbing to the top of a bus in the heat can be miserable.

With a tour guide, the visitor will get all sorts of insider information about the region’s history and modern commerce. Without a guide, tourists are likely to pass by places of interest in ignorance. To get the best tour possible, including food tours, visitors can research and book them online. Most tour guides will arrange a meeting at the visitor’s hotel to begin the adventure.

Avoid scams

There are lots of tips on Trip Advisor for people visiting India. The most notorious scam involves taxi drivers. They are looking for unsuspecting tourists at the airport. Smart tourists go to Indira Gandhi International Airport prepaid taxi cab. At the booth, be sure to pay bills as close to the price as possible to avoid a change scam.

To avoid these scams, get the taxi cab’s phone number and call it while standing there to make sure it’s correct. Also have the local police phone number and your hotel number. Save the route to your hotel on your phone and make sure the taxi driver uses this route. If there is a “roadblock”, you will know how far you are from the hotel thanks to your phone’s GPS. If you are close, get out of the taxi and walk. Don’t forget your bags.

The trip of a lifetime

The traveler coming to India has a host of experiences to look forward to. What better way to unwind at the end of the day than returning to a luxury hotel room? You can get the best of both worlds, old and new, by traveling and staying in style.

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