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Planning a trip soon? You might want to check out Turkish Airlines Benefits to get the best deal for your money!

A five-star global airline with the APEX World Class award, Turkish Airlines offers passengers incredible benefits to ensure they have the best travel experience.

Passengers planning to travel abroad with Turkish Airlines will likely stop in Istanbul before their final destination, and they now have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city for free.

To get the most out of the stay, the airlines offer two different transit passenger programs, one for short stay and one for long stay.

The former is for passengers who will stay in Istanbul for 6-24 hours, while the latter is for those who wish to stop for a day or two in the city before continuing their journey.

Layover or layover options

For those who have a stopover of more than 6 or 12 hours, the airline offers an optional city tour or hotel stay including transit, all free of charge.

A program of free stopovers in Istanbul is also offered on each fare class and each pair of cities.

The option is perfect for those wishing to explore the city before heading to their final destination, and includes free one-day economy class accommodation in a four-star hotel, while business class passengers can enjoy a free two-night stay in a five-star hotel. star hotel.

Extension options are also available for as low as $49 per night.

How to secure the case

To take advantage of the program, here is what you must do 72 hours before your flight:

1- Send an e-mail with your first and last name, reservation code (PNR) or ticket number, planned accommodation date range, preferred room type, telephone number and e-mail address. e-mail to the e-mail address designated for your departure point before your first flight.

2- Make sure you have your visa ready. Getting a visa for Turkey is easy and does not take much time. Everything you need to know about the visa application process can be found on the country’s e-visa website.

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