I supply five-star hotels with luxury bed linen – there are 10 ways to stay cool in the heat

Summer and life is easybut it’s sleep that’s not so windy with warm temperatures and more daylight.

Although our bodies are programmed to fall asleep when it’s cooler, it can be difficult when it’s hot and even more difficult if you also add humidity into the mix.


Bed linen expert Robert Lancaster Gaye has shared his top tips for restful summer sleep. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

Robert Lancaster Gaye, co-founder of luxury linen brand, Tielle Love Luxury, supplies the world’s top five-star hotels with luxury bed linen.

Here, he shares his top tips for restful summer sleep…

Cotton is king

According to Robert, cotton has a natural beauty and luxury factor that 5* hotels love.

“It’s also one of the most breathable fabrics, cleverly wicking moisture away from the skin,” he explains.

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“Helping to keep the body cool on hot days and warm on cool days, some sleeping beauties prefer the feel of cotton percale in the summer as it feels cool and crisp against the skin.”

Swap your duvet

The bedding expert notes that the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet.

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“Most luxury hotels use a natural 10.5 tog duvet to get the right weight, look and feel for their hotel,” Robert reveals.

“However, most hotel rooms have perfect temperature control, so for those hot summer nights, a good quality 4.5 tog down or luxury microfiber the duvet is ideal.”

keep it simple

Robert suggests that if you’re prone to night sweats and tired of fighting with your sheets, try replacing your comforter with layers of cool, crisp sheets that are easily removable.

“Also, get rid of the blankets on the bed and put them in breathable cotton storage bags or rolled up in cotton sheets,” he says.

“Plastic or non-breathable bags can cause mold to grow.”

Perilous Polyester

During the heat, Robert also warns to avoid polyester.

“This is another common type of easy-to-wash bedding fabric, but this synthetic fiber does not repel or absorb moisture, making you more likely to sweat, especially at higher temperatures” , he explains.

Stay cool

Robert advises: “During the day, draw the curtains or (blackout) blinds to keep the sun out and be sure to close the windows to keep the hot air out.”

When you go to bed, open all the windows to let in the breeze.”

Stay natural

Duvets and pillows with natural fillings allow for a better night’s sleep because they breathe more easily, says Robert.

“Try Tielle Love Luxury Eco pillowa hotel-quality pillow made from recycled plastic bottles and blended with Tencel®, a vegetable fiber,” he advises.

They are hypoallergenic, machine washable and breathable, thanks to the natural cellulose fibers inside, which keep you cool and dry while you sleep.

Summer top

Robert explains that using a feather and down mattress topper will help keep your bed cool at night.

“It will have the same cooling effect as a feather duvet and is loved by our friends at the Savoy,” he says.

“Feather and down wick away moisture to keep you cool, and all of our mattress toppers are made with a cotton shell that’s cooler than polyester.”

Wash your laundry

Since dust mites favor warmer temperatures, Robert stresses the importance of washing your laundry more frequently than you would during cooler times of the year.

“Air dry in the glorious summer sun when possible to reduce static,” he adds.

Be kind to yourself

“Be careful with alcohol, caffeine and late-night meals,” advises the bedding expert. “They can all take time to digest, disrupting your body’s natural sleep patterns.”

If you’re really struggling, have a cup of chamomile tea before bed – its calming effects are said to reduce anxiety and initiate sleep.”

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Roberts points out that the sleeping position on tour can also warm you up.

“Maybe it’s time to try sleeping with your arms and legs spread out, which helps release your body heat instead of holding it in,” he says.

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