Luxury hotels around the world with adorable pets in residence

From dogs to flamingos, these five luxury hotels around the world welcome special guests in the form of animal-in-residence.

Pet-friendly hotels are not uncommon. Hotels with resident animals, on the other hand, are a somewhat arcane concept. In case this is your first time hearing about this and wondering what it is, this is exactly what it sounds like. All over the world, there are hotels that house permanent guests in the form of animals.

“What kind of animals?” You can ask. While pets like cats and dogs dominate the animal kingdom in the hospitality industry, several hotels are also home to more exotic creatures like peacocks and flamingos.

These unique properties go the extra mile to ensure that human guests are accompanied by animal guests. If you’re an animal lover, we highly recommend that you consider booking a stay at one of these animal-loving properties for your next trip.

Here are five hotels around the world with adorable resident pets:

Image credit: the Betsy hotel

First on the list is a four-legged friend. Located in the heart of South Beach on famed Miami Beach is a luxury boutique hotel with an affinity for arts, culture and dogs. The Betsy Hotel encourages guests to bring their own pooches to the property, where they will be greeted by resident Golden Retrievers Rosa and Betsy. In case you need another reason to visit the South Florida island city, we just gave you two.

Le Bristol Paris
Image credit: Le Bristol Paris

Of course, Paris is on the list. And, of course, the resident animal for the Paris property is a French feline named Socrate. Although Socrates is genetically a Burmese cat, his elegance and refinement are those of the archetypal Parisian. The predecessor was the father of the current resident, Fa-raon. The seven-month-old kitten has won her way into everyone’s hearts and has been described as ‘very happy, outgoing and curious about the world around her, if not a bit shy’.

animals in residence

Now that we’ve covered dogs and cats, let’s propel us into some exotic creatures. Let’s embark on a trip to the Caribbean. In keeping with the exotic nature theme of the island country, the animal residents of the resort are flamingos. Beautiful bright and bold birds. Guests can book a session with the friendly flamingos to take pictures and feed. Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort occupies a 40-acre tropical paradise called “Renaissance Island.” If you want to visit Flamingo Beach, this is the place.

animals in residence

Next on the list is Capella Singapore. In addition to the property’s sweeping coastline views, the resident peacocks make strong contenders to be the finest aspect of the luxury sanctuary. Expect to cross paths with resplendent peacocks during your meals or at your villa.

Image credit: The Gleneagles Hotel

Then we travel to the Scottish Highlands. Specifically, The Gleneagles hotel. This beautiful luxury country estate is a popular spa and golf destination. As for the animals in residence of the hotel, they have horses and dogs. As part of the property’s equestrian activities, the hotel offers an option where guests can also rent a pony for a few hours.

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