Man arrested after cheating on five-star hotels for over 10 years

Man arrested after cheating on five-star hotels for over 10 years

New Delhi:

For more than 10 years, he lived a lavish life in various five-star hotels and tricked them into sneaking around without paying his bills. But he was ultimately unlucky as he was arrested while checking into a hotel in Connaught Place on Tuesday.

“Sarthak Rao Babras, 31, a resident of RGT Road in Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, was arrested yesterday near the Park Hotel where he was attempting to check into the hotel,” said Chhaya Sharma, of the southern district of the DCP. Wednesday.

He used to book a hotel on the pretext of being the guest of a senior Delhi-based official. Babras used to provide a copy of his PAN card as proof of his identity.

The accused had recently cheated on six five-star hotels in Delhi before being arrested and had cheated on various such establishments over the past ten years, the official said.

Babras had checked into the ITC Sheraton hotel in Saket on January 15. Prior to this, he had checked into The Oberoi hotel and also made a reservation for a stay at the Hyatt hotel from January 16, a day after checking into the Sheraton.

During a search, the hotel management found a small bag with an old jacket from his suite which he left before disappearing from the hotel without officially leaving the hotel, the manager said.

While staying at the Sheraton, he took advantage of the hotel taxi to drop him off at Nehru Place on January 16 and even borrowed 2,000 rupees from the taxi driver, which made the hotel staff suspicious of him. .

When questioned, he said he was from Port Blair and his father was a retired government employee from the Andaman and Nicobar administration.

After completing Class 10, he left Andaman for a mechanical fitter course sponsored by the island’s administration at Rajkot in Gujarat. Later, he went to Mumbai to take a merchant marine course, but returned to Andaman in 1999-2000 after failing to find a job.

He indulged in scams to fulfill his dream of living a lavish life in five-star hotels, which he had seen during his stay in Mumbai and other cities.

He was inspired by his friend who used such tactics to enjoy a good lifestyle. The accused only targeted elite hotels, four and five stars, to enjoy the finest luxury at no cost.

He was first arrested in Port Blair and made to pay the amount and was later released with a warning. Then he went to Lucknow but was again unlucky as he was arrested after leaving the Taj hotel there. He was imprisoned for about a year. After being released on bail, he started cheating lodges and hotels in various places in India. He was again detained in Ahmedabad for the same offence. The police recovered nine keys from various hotels.

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