Man City left with hotel reservation in Wembley despite missing FA Cup final – John Cross


Man City missed the FA Cup final but still have a hotel reservation near Wembley, but it will instead be Arsenal and Chelsea in the flagship event, where the Gunners’ victory could be crucial to retain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

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Manchester City ended up with a hotel reservation at Wembley – despite not making it to the FA Cup final.

City have made a habit of booking the Hilton hotel for the Wembley Finals, which is hardly surprising as they have almost made it their second home.

They won the FA Cup last year, the Coupe de la Ligue the last three years in a row and are so used to it that they now have an agreement with the Hilton which is a stone’s throw from the stadium.

City have done the same this season, stayed there for the semi-final, booked in advance for this weekend in hopes of reaching the FA Cup final but of course were beaten by Arsenal.

They would normally sell the reservation to another club but, with two London teams playing the final, neither Chelsea nor Arsenal have withdrawn it as they use the same hotels and facilities they had for their respective semi-finals.

He left City with a hotel reservation, the Hilton without a team on the FA Cup final weekend, but the club’s relationship with the hotel is so good that the reservation could be moved to another occasion.

However, that leaves the best hotel in the area without a team for the FA Cup final weekend, which seems odd, but City are probably so confident to come back next year that it won’t be too much of a problem.

Man City lost in FA Cup semi-finals


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The Spurs propose an amnesty proposal for subscriptions …

Tottenham are offering a subscription amnesty to supporters who occupy seats that are not in their name.

This is a very common thing in football where season tickets are passed down from generation to generation, given to friends or even sold.

But the club have written to season ticket holders and have also given advice to fans in the hopes that having the right names and up-to-date details will help the process of gradually returning supporters to the pitches next season. .

The letter said, “We are aware that tickets are often held in the name of previous purchasers or a single family member.

“We will therefore be implementing what is effectively an amnesty period and we ask all supporters to work with us to share correct information as this is vital to ensure that you can enter the stadium smoothly once you have finished. will be able to resume matches. All ticketing points will remain protected.

Tottenham offers season tickets


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Aubameyang’s contract saga rumbles on …

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could become the summer transfer saga as he only has one year left on his current contract. Well, sort of.

It has now emerged that there is a one-year option to extend for 12 months, but not only would triggering the clause see his current salary of £ 180,000 per week increase significantly, Aubameyang would be entitled to a huge bonus and the package could have cost Arsenal up to £ 20million.

No wonder Arsenal would rather renegotiate their current deal rather than activate the clause they have to do before December 31 or else he can sign a pre-contract with a foreign club.

But the other problem for Aubameyang is who can afford it this summer? He is 31 and will be offered a big deal to stay at Arsenal and if he moves he will have no value to sell.

These expensive 12 month options have been quite common at Arsenal and work for the player, especially if they are in good shape towards the end of a deal. Santi Cazorla was another big name to have a similar deal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s future remains in question


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The favors of football have returned?

Expect to receive a few favors when football returns to normal.

Liverpool borrowed the Leyton Orient facilities ahead of their game at Arsenal and a few other Premier League clubs have followed suit with other clubs.

EFL clubs will need all the help they can get to move forward.

Wenger’s “unparalleled career” …

Arsène Wenger will appear on an online show to promote his upcoming autobiography, My Life in Red and White.

Production company Fane is hosting several shows featuring showbiz stars, actors and famous TV names while Wenger will be televising into viewers’ homes on October 12.

Former Arsenal boss Wenger wrote his own book rather than employing a ghost writer, but used a translator for the English version.

Fane says he will “open up about his unparalleled life and career” with tickets available from

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