MDC-A behind requests for accommodation from returning UK citizens – Govt


By staff reporter

The GOVERNMENT has come out with new allegations, accusing some of the 65 returning citizens who returned from the UK last Monday of being MDC Alliance activists determined to sabotage the country’s COVID-19 fight by attempting to score cheap political points.

The allegations follow allegations that one of the returnees, housed at Belvedere Teachers College in Harare, was among the hordes of MDC Alliance activists who attacked Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo during the latter’s visit to London last July.

Moyo had traveled to London at the time with other senior government officials as part of Zimbabwe’s efforts to re-engage with the international community after years of global isolation due to its poor record on human rights and its inability to implement economic and political reforms.

According to state media, the alleged assailant is Mary Nyandoro, a well-known MDC Alliance activist and one of the people who resisted the mandatory quarantine at Harare Middle School citing “bad conditions”, preferring to be hosted in a hotel.

Deputy Social Affairs Minister Lovemore Matuke also confirmed her presence at the teacher training center, adding that the government noted with concern that some of the British returnees were in fact MDC Alliance activists who attacked the Minister Moyo.

“Ms Nyandoro is one of a group of 26 British returnees who are complaining about the college facilities,” Matuke said.

However, 65 confirmed returning citizens at Belvedere Teachers College came on the same Ethiopian Airlines plane, and not 26 as Matuke claims.

State media accuse Nyandoro of being part of the crowd seen dousing the Zimbabwean delegation led by Moyo with bottled water in London.

“She was holding a labeled sign; “TROO TT TO TAKE OFF SANCTIONS”, referring to the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by some western countries which have affected the economy, “he said.

Matuke went on to accuse the MDC Alliance of trying to score cheap political points.

“Now is not the time to score cheap political mileage as the government, along with the rest of the world, is making frantic efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These people are attention seekers with a political agenda. Now is not the time for politics, the pandemic is serious. We cannot risk their families because they have their own motivations. Activists are trying to politicize COVID-19 and try to destabilize the spirit of unity that currently prevails in the country.

“We will only be able to pay attention to such behavior after we have successfully brought the pandemic under control. “

State media also dismissed allegations of a deplorable situation in the isolation center as inaccurate.

He claimed the training center had an uninterrupted supply of electricity and running water for bathing, while bottled water was provided, with the group enjoying three-course meals a day.

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