Mumbai Hospitals to Convert Five-Star Hotels to COVID Isolation Centers, Details Here | India News

New Delhi: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced Thursday, April 15, that hospitals in Mumbai will now collaborate with five-star hotels to treat COVID-19 patients with milder infection.

The administration also added that two of the hotels will start operating from today as extensions of private hospitals.

This initiative will add more than 250 additional COVID beds, including 40 intensive care beds, to Jaslok Hospital as well. Citizens will be able to book these facilities online from the bmc dashboard by Saturday morning.

Here are the highlights of the order:

1) MCGM and private hospitals will jointly search for 4-5 star hotels nearby.

2) These linked hotels are expected to have around 20 rooms for COVID-19 patients.

3) The hotel and the hospital must work hand in hand.

4) Patients who do not need an emergency will be kept there after mandatory physician approval.

5) Hospitals will provide the hotel with 24-hour facilities, such as nursing, online consultations, medication, biomedical waste management and ambulances.

6) Taxes and meals included, the hotel may charge Rs 4000. The amount will be paid by the hospital to the hotel. Medical expenses such as doctors’ fees will be billed additionally.

7) For double rooms the hotel may charge Rs 6000.

8) Walk-in people can be treated by hotels as symptom-free patients but the hospital must approve.

The authorities’ order comes a day after Mumbai recorded 9,931 new cases and 54 deaths. Currently, Mumbai and other cities in Maharashtra are facing a massive number of COVID-19 cases.


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