Post Fani: Odisha babus lodge in five star hotels


Without electricity, water and crumbling communication facilities, life turned hell for the majority of Bhubaneswar residents shortly after the extremely violent cyclonic storm Fani left the state ravaging the state.

But life is as comfortable as it used to be for a large number of babus and other wealthy VIPs, thanks to the city’s five-star and other luxury hotels.

Used to the comforts of air-conditioned rooms and other luxuries at home, the post-Fani crisis has prompted many VIPs such as government officials and bureaucrats, businessmen and senior executives of private companies to rush into five-star hotels with family members for the greatest pleasure. hotel managers.

“It was certainly a pleasant surprise for us. We did not expect our rooms to be full during such a time of crisis, “said the manager of a luxury hotel in the city who declined to be named. The hotels provide all the comforts for their guests. customers using huge internal generators.

What surprised staff at many hotels was the willingness of government officials and other VIPs to pay cash for their luxury stay. “Since internet services have completely collapsed and accepting credit and debit cards was not possible, we told them we would only accept cash. And surprisingly, they were all ready to pay all of their bills in cash. It looked like they had parked huge amounts of cash in their homes instead of banks, ”said the manager of another hotel.

There have also been cases of VIPs approaching hotels to pay double the price of a room if an air-conditioned room was made available to them. “The rush was such that there was a mismatch between supply and demand,” said the manager of a mid-size hotel.

However, in private conversations, several officials defended the trend. “Tell me who will not want to comfort family members during such a crisis. What is wrong with upgrading to a luxury hotel if you can afford it, ”said a senior official.

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