Prime Minister Skerrit describes the impact of the construction of five-star hotels on Dominica’s economy

Prime Minister Skerrit describes the impact of the construction of five-star hotels on Dominica’s economy

Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit had an important discussion with the Top Level Radio Channel where he highlighted that the government is investing heavily in tourism and the impact of hotel construction on Dominica’s economy .

He said that when they arrived as government in Dominica, they formulated strategies to address access in the country.

Prime Minister Skerrit said that once the country builds hotels and additional hotels, the country will experience significant development.

While speaking about the criticisms hailed by the opposition on the construction of Windsor Stadium, Prime Minister Skerrit said that despite the hatred sparked by the project, he affirmed that the stadium is essential for the progress of Dominica.

“I reminded the World Bank and the IMF that Dominica was in an austerity program and they felt the stadium was a priority and the government should use the resources for something else and I challenged that and said that the stadium was going to be essential elements for the port of Dominica and the young people.

He said the stadium was an important initiative to attract foreign teams to play international cricket and to play international football and other sports.

Prime Minister Skerrit further pointed out that his government had extended the runway, introduced night landing of planes and essentially built a new terminal.

“We have always told the Dominican people that we will build an international airport, but we are not going to burden the taxpayers of future Dominican generations because it will lead to huge debt and we could afford to borrow to build an international airport, and we started saving money,” he added.

PM Slerrity also pointed out that they have started saving as little as US$5 million each month.

However, by the time of the hurricane, the government had already saved a significant sum of money of US$5 million each month. But PM Skerrit claimed because of the Maria; money is spent on building houses and roads, money is spent on farmers, helping the private sector and many more.

Regarding the construction of hotels, he said it was part of the strategy to increase foreign exchange in Dominica. This is why the government has used CBI funds to create an independent source of revenue, job creation and sustainable employment for the country.

He said the government is investing in infrastructure for better roads, which means better trade, better transport, better access and better security.

Prime Minister Skerrit also pointed out that the World Bank is already looking at hotels that have been built, such as Jungle Bay and Kempinski and others.

“We have hotel rooms that we can now promote in Dominica; People can come in, jobs created, farmers can sell the produce, fishermen can sell the produce, people can come for spa treatment and the associated services and amenities,” Prime Minister Skerrit said.

While castigating the opposition, he claimed they had criticized them when building Jungle Bay and other hotels.

He also pointed out that the news about the stoppage of work at Marriott hotels was fake and that there was a lot of work going on at the Marriott hotel in the country. Also, in the Hilton hotel in Salisbury, a significant world happened there. Secret Bay is also nearing completion. Jungle Bay has completed the oceanfront under construction.

Prime Minister Skerrit further slammed the opposition leader for encouraging negativity in the country.

He pointed out that due to their government, the country has witnessed the opening of five-star hotels.

PMSkerrit also talked about how direct flights work from Miami, America and many more.

“We have seen an increase in visitor arrivals because of these American flights, and the ultimate thing will have happened with the construction of an international airport which will be the last piece in terms of infrastructure to improve access to Dominica.”

He said one of the international airports would be built and planes would land in Dominica from different parts of the world.

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