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have you suffered from the fears of Sunday?

Perhaps you wished you could spend the last of your weekend with a massage at a fabulous spa, or enjoy room service in a fluffy white robe?

Well, thanks to a last minute hotel room reservation service that just landed in London, that dream just got a lot more affordable.

Staycation, which launched in Paris in June 2017 and landed in London in February, allows you to book hotel rooms on a Wednesday at 9 a.m. for the upcoming Sunday evening, with a discount of up to 70%.

The hotels, mostly in London with a few in the countryside around an hour from the capital, are all 4 * and above, and most offer additional incentives, from spa access and late check-out, to nightlife screenings. movies and afternoon tea. And amazing properties like The Corinthia, The Curtain, and The Haymarket Hotel are already on the books, as well as country retreats like Cowley Manor and Danesfield House Hotel and Spa.

Henriette Hotel

Rooms are generally available from 3 p.m. Sunday until Monday noon and always include the room, breakfast for two and at least one supplement, such as a spa treatment or a Sunday roast. They also include a small Staycation vanity gift box for each booking.

The company was born from friends Mathieu Ecollan, Mathieu Dugast and Kevin Hutchings, who had the idea while they were all working for the same company in the summer of 2017. “It was mid-August and it was 40 degrees Celsius. in Paris. We couldn’t take a vacation and wanted to take a break, ”says Hutchings. “A hotelier friend told us that summer was actually the low season for city hotels. We thought it would be great to take advantage of all these empty hotels, their pools, their spas and create a new mini-vacation format for all Parisians stranded in Paris.

The founders of Staycation Mathieu Dugast, Mathieu Ecollan and Kevin Hutchings / Stay

They pitched the idea as a corporate courier with three hotel deals and within 24 hours they received 400 phone calls from people wanting to book. The next day, they quit their jobs to start Staycation, and they already have 300,000 registered members in Paris.

“We’re excited to create a new short break format in your own city that’s super easy to do, fun and affordable,” Hutchings said.

ESPA Life at the Corinthia Hotel / Corinthia

Want to sex your weekend? You know where you need to be next Wednesday …

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