STR reports that Paris leads Europe in New Years hotel booking levels

STR reports that Paris tops Europe for New Year’s Eve hotel bookings


Buoyed by the upcoming holiday season, hotel footfall on the books is increasing in Paris with a peak of more than 70% on New Year’s Eve, according to STR’s Forward STAR.

As of December 13, Paris Book occupancy was 71.1% as of December 31, which was the highest of major European markets and the highest in the French capital over the next 90 days. From this high point, booking levels gradually decline to a low of 10.5% on January the 31st.

For comparison, Rome and London’s New Year’s occupancy rate is 56.1% and 52.3%, respectively, while Brussels is even lower at 34.3%.

“Some European markets have been more successful than others in recovering from the low points of the pandemic despite a massive void in international arrivals,” said Thomas Emanuel, director of STR. “With the end-of-year celebrations approaching, Paris is showing stronger hotel demand than other European capitals. Some of these capitals, such as Brussels and Vienna, continue to struggle to generate momentum due to increased restrictions in the markets. »

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