The Atastay hotel reservation platform was born to meet the demand for luxury


Singapore-based travel start-up Tastech has launched an online booking platform called Atastay, offering a collection of luxury hotels in Southeast Asia.

Most of the hotels listed on the website have been visited and verified by local travel specialists to match luxury travelers with the most unique and localized hotel experiences, according to a press release.

“There are too many five-star hotels on other online booking platforms. Users who are still looking to plan a special vacation such as a honeymoon or annual family vacation may need to spend some time researching (including reading many hotel reviews) to find the right destination. and the right hosting, ”said Takaya Tomose, Founder and CEO of Tastech.

“Atastay carefully organizes and conducts this stressful and mundane research to ensure that your stay will be special. In fact, during our many site visits in preparation for the launch of Atastay, we discovered so many unique shops and well-operated family hotels in Singapore facing noticeably less traffic during this time (Covid), and we find it a pity. “

On Tastech’s decision to launch a luxury hotel reservation site in these difficult times, its Director of Sales and Marketing, Traven Koo, said TTG Asia that the team saw a silver lining of opportunity as the pandemic sparked increased demand for luxury goods such as private charters and upscale accommodations.

Atastay is a combination of the words ‘atas’, a local slang meaning upscale, and ‘rest’. All properties on the platform have an “Atastay rating,” which ranks hotels on a five-point scale, based on cleanliness, location, service, rooms and facilities. Hotel facilities, in-room amenities, room types, dining options, and services are also listed under each property.

Koo stated that in addition to the aforementioned selection criteria, the hotels presented were selected for the uniqueness of the stay experience, such as the layout of the hotel, the quality of the finish of the rooms and the view from bedroom. Atastay’s catalog will be gradually expanded and the company will continually refine these selections based on customer feedback and its local oversight, he added.

Another main feature of Atastay is its rewards program called Atas Points, where registered users earn points which can be converted into cash back to compensate for future purchases. Koo said an affiliate program is also in the works, where members will enjoy a wide range of benefits at participating restaurants and brands. Additionally, Atastay members can unlock exclusive monthly offers that range from culinary experiences and luxury product deals to sweepstakes.

More information is available at The site is also available in different languages ​​for Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thailand travelers.

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