The Best and Worst Hotel Booking Sites

There are now dozens of sites for booking hotels, villas, vacation homes and other accommodations, from and Expedia to Airbnb and Vrbo (formerly HomeAway).

They all claim to have the best options and prices, but which one actually does, and who should you trust for your next booking?

Our exclusive survey results reveal how the most popular accommodation booking sites compare on things like price and customer service, as well as the likelihood of Which? members must be satisfied and recommend these websites. Some big names have done their reputation a disservice during the coronavirus crisis, so it pays to check our results before you book your next holiday.

The reviews on this page are for online travel agencies that offer accommodation.

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Rated Accommodation Booking Sites

The table below reveals how seven of the most popular accommodation booking websites compare in areas such as customer service, website functionality and price.

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Accommodation Booking Site Reviews

The table above reveals that is the best website to book accommodation, but none of the companies meet the requirement of being one? Recommended Supplier (WRP) this year. best accommodation booking site

The best known and the best according to customers. was offering fully refundable stays long before Covid hit, and it’s clear on the total cost.

Although it only found the cheapest price in one of the five scenarios we checked, it was within £20 of the cheapest in the other four – so you can be sure you won’t. ‘re not cheated.

The only slight annoyance are the constant prompts telling you how many rooms are left and how many people are viewing the same property – ignore.

Which? verdict: Booking direct with the hotel is the only thing that can compete with

Browse accommodations on the worst accommodation booking site

For the second year in a row, has the dubious distinction of being the worst flight and accommodation booking site.

Not only is its website clumsy and frustrating to use, it’s poor at its main task of finding competitive prices. It didn’t find the cheapest room rate for any of the five hotel scenarios we looked at, including, ironically, the last-minute one. Assuming you get your hands on someone, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

One unlucky holidaymaker described’s service as the worst he had ever encountered.

Which? verdict: Since this is also a terrible flight booking siteit’s hard to imagine a scenario where booking with would be a good idea.

Hotel refunds and cancellations

Before booking accommodation, it is important to know exactly what your rights are and what you are entitled to if things go wrong.

If the accommodation provider cancels your reservation – which can happen if the hotel has to close unexpectedly, for example – you are entitled to a full refund. But if the hotel is open and local travel restrictions prevent you from going there, you may not always be entitled to a refund. For this reason, it often makes sense to book a room that can be freely canceled or to book your accommodation as part of a flight-inclusive package, which gives you greater protection.

If you are entitled to a refund, you will need to contact the company that accepted payment for your booking. Thus, if you have booked directly with the hotel, for example, the latter will reimburse you directly. But if you booked the same hotel room on a third-party booking site, like, you’ll need to request your refund through them, which can slow down the refund process.

How we research booking sites

Between July and August 2021, we asked 3,478 Which? members to tell us about their experiences using accommodation booking sites over the past two years. We only reported on companies and star categories when we received at least 30 responses.

You can give your opinion on our research and help us to make a difference by join Which one? Connect.

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