The three best five-star hotels in Pembrokeshire according to TripAdvisor

Pembrokeshire is no stranger to luxury accommodation, especially for holidaymakers who visit our little corner of Wales each summer, but which five-star hotel in the county offers the best value for money according to TripAdvisor?

Ahead of what will likely be another busy summer for Pembrokeshire’s tourism industry, we’ve taken a look at what the county’s best value five-star hotel is on TripAdvisor.

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Slebech Park Estate, described as ‘romantic’ and ‘charming’, with pets allowed, flat-screen TVs in rooms, and free parking and breakfast, ranks first among five-star hotels at the best value for money.

A room in the estate can cost £78 a night for two adults, more than £50 ahead of The Globe in Angle, second, at £130.

The five-star hotel offers sea and beach views, as well as connecting suites, conference rooms, and kid-centric features.

Grove of Narberth, which has over 1,500 reviews on TripAdvisor, gave it five stars.

With the lowest price at £565, hiking and horseback riding are available, and it’s been listed in TripAdvisor’s Top Travelers’ Picks 2021.

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