Tornos news | Trivago: Greece in six countries with the most five-star hotels

Greece is among the six countries in the world with the most five-star hotels, according to a survey by trivago.

The country offers around 420 luxury units in this category, which represents 2% of its total accommodation capacity.

China ranks first with about 2,940 five-star hotels, which is about 2% of its total units. Turkey follows with about 800 five-star hotels, which represents 6% of its capacity.

By analyzing the proportion of five-star hotels by country, we can draw an imaginary line that divides the map into two parts: the north, made up mainly of countries whose five-star hotels represent around 1% of the total, and the south, where – with a few exceptions, such as Brazil and Australia – the proportion of luxury hotels varies between 2 and 5% per country.

Especially in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, this proportion rises to more than 10%.

Sharm el-Sheikh and Dubai are among the 10 cities in the world with the highest number of five asteron hotels.

The weight of countries in the Middle East and some African destinations such as Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, in each of which around 5% of available hotels have five stars, is also worth noting.

In America, high percentages of five-star hotels are traced to Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Dimokratie. As far as Asia is concerned, China obviously has significant potential in this area. In addition to being the country with the most five-star hotels, five of the world’s ten cities with the most five-star hotels are Chinese. Oi 10 cities in the world with the most five-star hotels:

The survey also analyzed the 10 cities in the world with the most five-star hotels, the total number of luxury hotels in each country, as well as the total number of hotel accommodations available for each destination.

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