Which hotel booking sites offer the best deals?

New research from InsureMyTrip reveals the hotel booking sites with the best travel deals.

With the costs of travel vacations soaring, many vacationers rely on hotel booking websites to save money.

InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance comparison site, looked at the data to determine which hotel booking site has the best deals for travelers.

The study compares the prices of 50 hotels in ten US cities and ten international cities, based on the destinations with the most international arrivals. Each destination is analyzed based on its daily rates found on Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com and the hotel’s official website. Searchers searched for a double room for two people for one night between August 27 and 28, 2022. All searches were done on the same day to avoid price fluctuations.

Sarah Webber, director of marketing at InsureMyTrip, hopes this study will inspire travelers to book a trip.

The high cost of travel can be daunting for Americans. We hope this data will encourage intentional travelers to take a trip, knowing they are getting the best prices on hotel rooms.

Sarah Webber, Marketing Director at InsureMyTrip

Research shows that Hotels.com is the most profitable option because it lists the cheapest accommodations. This platform offers a better deal than other websites in 289 cases. Expedia is cheaper in 283 cases, while direct bookings in 159 cases. Surprisingly, Booking.com is the least profitable option, offering a cheaper deal than other websites in only 54 cases. This represents only 7% of the hotels analyzed.

On average, using Expedia instead of Booking.com can save you $33.13. On Hotels.com the saving is $32.87 and if you book directly with the hotel you can save $27.28.

According to the study, the city with the least savings was Orlando. By booking through Expedia, travelers save an average of $23.82.

On the other hand, New York is the destination where travelers could save the most money. Over the past two years, hotel prices in the Big Apple have quadrupled, with an average room price of $318. However, visitors can save money if they book through the right website. On Booking.com, the average cost of a hotel room is $367, while on Hotels.com the average is $293, which is a savings of $74. The study found that Hotels.com offers the best deal in New York 62% of the time.

London is another city where hotel prices have risen significantly in recent years, with an average room price of $307. But even then, the price can vary greatly depending on the booking site you use.

Booking.com options in London have an average cost of $331, while Hotels.com and Expedia offer deals with an average cost of $286. These two sites are more profitable in 82% of cases.

The study also analyzed Dubai. The Gulf City is set to be a tourist hotspot in November, when neighboring Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup. In Dubai, a hotel room costs an average of $143, but even then the price fluctuates depending on which hotel booking site you use. On Booking.com, the average room price is $166. On Expedia.com, a room costs an average of $34 cheaper, at $132.

Even in Singapore, using Expedia and Hotels.com to book a room can save you money. These websites both have an average room rate of $208 and show the most cost-effective option 78% of the time.

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